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privileged girl looking for cocaine at the end of the night. From whoever. Aka "digging in the dirt."
Oh look at this truffle pig calling me now.
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by Raw Dog Johnson July 14, 2018
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A Fat Person Who's Fatness Is Quite Obviously Due To The Fact There Rarely Spotted Without A Burger Can Of Coke Or Mars Bar In Hand.
Bonnie You Fucking Truffle Pig, Stop Stuffing Cake In Your Mouth An GO COOK MY FUCKING DINNER!
by Rossco With A Crossbow May 17, 2007
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A greedy media executive who orders the printing of elaborate bullsh*t meant to confuse rather than inform the public. Truffle are "Mushrooms" (as with psychedelic properties which cause hallucinations and confusion) and Pigs, animals known for their sloppy, greedy dispositions.
The country is being over-run by Truffle Pigs. That b*tch is an annoying Truffle Pig.
by ditch April 08, 2017
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When you have a bad cold and your nose is so stuffy that when you are giving a blow job, or cunnilingus, you snort like a pig searching for truffles.
I had the best blowjob last night, my girlfriend was high on decongestant and went down even though she snorted like a truffle pig.
by Maristfan June 19, 2018
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Similar to the hogs used to sniff out truffles in Europe, a Truffle Pig is a stank ass bitch golddigging and sniffing, potentially, licking the ass of a rich person.
Yo Benny, I’m filthy rich, it’s great. This stupid bitch Sarah is such a Truffle Pig. She licked my ass and everything, all she wanted was a fancy purse. What a whore!
by Larry and Rex July 15, 2018
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