Something you will rarely find on the Urban Dictionary
Me: *looks for the true definition of essay on Urban Dictionary*
Finds: useless work used to torture billions of kids
by ISuckAtPUBG January 25, 2019
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those people who demand that you explain, prove, or provide evidence, or cites, etc, to an idea you are presenting... but then when you DO provide information to read, watch, listen to, they REFUSE (ignore-ance?) to review the information, because they were being DISHONEST about being open to the truth, or even willing to respectfully review the information which THEY DEMEANINGLY DEMANDED of you.
When i showed Fredbob the proof of the theory that he demanded of me, he REFUSED to read it like a total askhole (true definition).
by etyrnal July 10, 2015
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alright the real definition player, which was originally used when playing the field(where all the females dwell)(having game). not only using the females for sex, with having more than one partner at a time, pretending you like them, just making them feel special, which in return they will break you off(spend money, cook, clean, anything to keep the stable owner happy), but not to be confused as pimp (which is selling them bitches to the street, escort service or whore house, then collect). also a true player even when caught having others, still has the game(skills in telling females what they wanna hear), to have that female comeback and forget about the fact she truly gotten played. a true player would make a girl also feel guilty if she hasnt been satisfying(sexually, financially, material like, even talking to other guys). a true player would have as many females as needed, have 2-3 females helping paying the bills, 4 females who are the best in bed, all that cook well and clean the spot, now thats how its done son. which the ones who envy, try cockblocking(intervening on ones game), whether telling his females that dudes a player or dude is using you, etc. are just a straight player hater.
life in a player(true definition)
in the club scene:

player(josh)-hey whats up girl whats youre name?
girl-christine and you?
josh-my names josh, so tell me something about you?
christine-yacks all night pretend you listen to all of it(but make sure she can cook, has a nice job, how she treats her man)(15-20 mins later), so josh im gonna get me a drink what you want?
josh-some hennessy and coke
christine-alright baby be right back
josh(goes to the bathroom, calls up his other bitches that been blowing up his phone while in the club, to deal with them and set things straight then goes back to the table)
christine-hey heres youre drink
player hater(fred)-damn josh how many girls you gonna talk to?
josh-if you wanted to talk to this female so bad, why didnt you just snatch her up.
fred(tries to tell her how im a big bad player, etc) while josh just chills waiting for a reaction)
christine-arent you going to defend yourself
josh-my friend is just drunk and jealous that im with a beautiful female like yourself, hes just upset that i had the balls to speak to you first
christine-awwww, how sweet, how about another drink, before i leave
josh-sure, how about i walk with you this time
christine-says well im gonna go its getting late, gotta work at the hospital early in the morning(its only 11pm)
josh-it was nice meeting you christine, can i get youre phone number(remember to put it in youre cellphone under her name so you wont forget it, fucking up someones name will ruin it, trust me)(then time to play that same game pattern on the next female whos sitting by her lonesome)
by joshua001 March 9, 2007
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a prison sex slave

The pants below the ass are for easy access for the master of said sex slave.

Turn of the baseball cap to the right or left means you are a pitcher or cacher during said gay sextual acts.

Sorry thats the truth if you don't like it pull up your pants fix your hat and stop acting like a punk.
punk (the true definition) is the pedofile in prision.
by johnnylonghorse August 20, 2011
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this word is not to be confused with whigger, wigger, poser, honky, cracker, etc. anything demeaning a whiteperson. this is a white person(male), who grew up in the urban lifestyle (not suburban as for whigger), how he acts is because of his upcoming, listened to hip hop his whole life, had black people as friends ever since daycare, even has the swagger(dresses, vocabulary, voice, walk, etc). had to help take care of the family household(whether having to deal drugs on the block, working odd jobs, etc), most lack education but try to make something of themselves down the road, if ever caught out in the suburbs or country bars, they would either get laughed at because they would be considered an the whigger class, but yet has no clue thats how he was raised, so hes being himself. respected by black people and even accepted by them. the rappers paul wall, lil wyte and eminem, george jung(on blow) and myself joshua would be considered as whitebread(true definition), for how they were raised. also last but not least, doesnt overdo the ebonics language like some stupid whigger would
whitebread(true definition)

whitebread(josh)-hey whats goin on sean, how you livin?
sean(blackfriend)-not much josh just trying to stay afloat
josh-thats whats up, cool, well see you at school tomorrow

whigger(brad)-yo what up sean mah potna, whats crackalackin folk?
sean(stranger)-ugh who the fuck are you, what you doing in our neighborhood
brad-oh its like that, why you hatin fo? i wanna be your potna
sean-whatever you poser get the fuck outta here, before me and my boy josh stomp a mudhole in youre ass
by joshua001 March 9, 2007
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