1. A small hand tool with a short handle and a flat, usually pointed blade used for spreading, shaping, and smoothing plaster, cement, mortar or dirt.

2. A gardner's hand tool with a short handle and a curved tapering blade, used for making holes to put plants and seedlings in and for other light digging work.

So in fact it's just a small spade-ish tool.

1. Builders use trowels to flatten cement.
2. A gardner uses a trowel to dig SMALL holes.
by Jafje April 10, 2007
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A man whore who goes around telling girls how beautiful and amazing and he says they are the only one. But in reality he is trying to screw every girl he sees, telling them all the same stories. Occasionally he gets caught when he tries this on girls that are friends or family. Another urban word that fits in the gardening section such as hoe, tool and ratchet.
That fools a trowel. He be troweling on all the hoes and ratchet bitches. My nigga be troweling threw the whole club tonight. He gonna find himself a hoe tonight!
by tripleDDD January 13, 2014
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The act of a man defecating into the belly button (navel) of his sex partner or room mate, immediately followed by using his erect penis to smooth out the feces flush to the surrounding area; similar to using a trowel.
I love it when Tom is troweling me when we're making love!
by McDuk July 25, 2009
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An implement used by one to scoop, normally out of ones anal cavity to get fudge or oil. A very sexually intense action to participate in, normally involving considerable damage and sometimes even internal damage.
Only really used in homosexual relationships (or one night stands)
my arse really hurts after that long session of trowelling
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When you leave a block,boltbag ect on tower.
Damn i got to climb again . I trowell my tools up top.
by Trowell November 2, 2020
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Similar to felching, but in addition to ejaculating into your anus you insert powered milk in as well to mix with the semen, then by use of a straw suck it out.
Hey bitch-boy go get the milk tin, I'm gonnig to be trowelling your arse tonight!!!!
by Lee Bullock- MulletHunter September 10, 2003
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Girls that apply foundation, eyeliner, lipstick or other facial cosmetics to the extremeties that make it look as if applied by a masonry trowel, and that are also very annoying and fake.
Did you see that girl on the tenth floor? Yeah man, she looks like a trowel bitch.
by casa de awesome August 26, 2009
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