A type of alcoholic beverage found mainly in the Columbia, MO area. Basically a slushie with lots and lots of alcohol in it. Comes in many flavors, mostly tropical in nature, with Silver Bullet having the most alcohol.
"Yo, lets go get Trops round three!" (Never a good idea)
by ILoveTrops October 12, 2010
The act of grabbing one's ankles and walking backward in the nude. Considered a sign of masculinity in some cultures.
I'm just tropping, dude. It's the latest thing.
by satansmith April 6, 2011
getting drunk on mimosas at brunch. Derived from the juice brand Tropicana
Me and the boys got tropped before heading to the game.
by kennanz November 19, 2018
An annoying slut or someone who bitches to everyone but boys.
"McKenna, you're a little trop. Stay away from my man."
by Nupqueen00 September 2, 2014
Trop is a tropical, mixed baddie. Not a regular baddie, you have to be mixed with 2 or more races.
Girl 1: I'm such a trop!
Girl 2: No.. you're not, you're not even mixed.
Girl 1: Ugh.
by TroppyGetIt June 20, 2013
short for troppin, which is a different way of sayin trippin. "trop" is a noun or a verb, and it can be used for any bad situation. something that is trop can be described as troptastical, troptaculous, or trip trop trobe. the act of being trop can be expressed as troppery, troptasticity, or troptaculousness. one who is trop is a trophead.
yo i failed my test today man, that was trop

she wouldn't give me head, what a trop

i asked him if he wants to go but he tropped it up

yo you smoked my shit for free, that is straight up troppery

get the fuck out of my room, quit being so damn troptaculous
by J-Smoove April 25, 2006