1. A fancy term for baiting a fish.
2. When a person writes a comment online that is intended to upset people and bring them lots of attention. Unlike what happened with their moms during childhood.
Stop responding to this guy, he's obviously trolling.
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by SilverishGoldNova March 15, 2018
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Typing an ignorant insult or remark in a comment section or forum on the internet and sitting back waiting to get an inflamed, angry response from a person on the internet. It is not successful trolling if the troll actually believes the ignorant remark or if the trollee becomes privy to the trolling (or the faking of the ignorance).

Originally derived from a method of fishing called trolling in which the fishermen cast lures from their boat and move slowly (10mph) while they sit lazily waiting for a naive fish to mistake their lure for real food.
Troll: Reptilians are real.
Trump: No they're not!
Troll: Yes-huh they are, I'm one!
Trump: You're trolling.
Troll: You're smart.
Trump: Thanks.

Troll: I was trolling.
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Something Mike does for leisure to get a rise out of people on the internet
Disc golf must be over, I just saw him trolling.
by Girlie0902 September 15, 2018
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The act of deceiving people (solely for entertainment) by projecting a false perspective that differs from your true perspective.
Trolling isn't just an internet thing, it's been around for millennia. The term trolling came around recently as a reference to the fishing term, making the analogy that you're in a boat trailing a joke net behind you for anyone in the wide ocean of the web to be swept up in. Then you just cruise along chuckling, enjoying your day.

As Billy Joel once said, "Tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis"
by PseudoNinjaBear January 19, 2018
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It's when you don't give one fuck for being a jerk to someone. You make a joke and then take it way seriously then basically say "JUST KIDDING HOE".

Also you could live under a "t-r-oll" bridge to tell hoes that they can't get the fuck across the bridge.
Carol is such a fucking troll. He wouldn't stop fucking around with trolling jokes.
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by Sea. BLEU October 23, 2016
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Trolling is kinda like pranking someone but on video games such as Minecraft
EXAMPLE: in Minecraft if someone put pressure plates(used for red stone) all over someone’s house and put TNT(explodes if ignited) under the blocks that have pressure plates on top so that the next time the person Walks in he or she will exploded along with there house would be an example of trolling
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by MOW MOW LITTY KITTY May 13, 2018
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