Mega sex bomb from victoriaville Québec Canada wich has his name fuckin b4 the boring movie.
Triple-X: i pwn.
Papos: who.
Triple-X: My Wife.
by Papos August 1, 2003
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1. hardcore
a) pornography
b) a symbol for straight edge culture..
2. mainstream action feature starring Vin Diesel.
by G-Union 2 July 31, 2004
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slang word for 30-inch wheels. X is the Roman numeral for 10. Therefore, three 10s = 30.
"Call me overrated cuz my rimz are triple X, errr time I ride by, all you think about is sex..."
by Lysander Minoza April 29, 2007
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Triple x groovy is a term used in the meaning of to get down or having sexual intercourse in a happy and usually committment free manner. A nastier term dealing with the "free love" concept of the '70's.
"you wanna get triple x groovy?"
by Tani April 26, 2006
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A combination of Vitamin Water XXX and Jagermeister.
One bottle of Vitamin Water XXX
One bottle of Jagermeister
Drink or pour out some of the Vitamin Water and top off with Jager.
You now have yourself a Triple X Jager.

"We were downing Triple X Jager's at that party Saturday night."
by urmomsgreat October 13, 2008
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Hey Baya don’t talk to that sped ass hoe her pussy has Triple X Syndrome be warned
by DownSyndrome November 28, 2018
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When a girl has a such fat pussy that her panties bulge giving the appearance of wearing a thick maxipad.
Dude, you fucked that fat chick?

Yeah, man. And when she lifted her skirt, she had a Triple-X Kotex!
by Jdsteele July 10, 2011
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