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A combination of Vitamin Water XXX and Jagermeister.
One bottle of Vitamin Water XXX
One bottle of Jagermeister
Drink or pour out some of the Vitamin Water and top off with Jager.
You now have yourself a Triple X Jager.

"We were downing Triple X Jager's at that party Saturday night."
by urmomsgreat October 12, 2008

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Mom I'd Tear Up or Milf I'd Tear Up
"Dude Jose and me were chillin at the baseball game when we saw this MITU walkin with her kid."
by urmomsgreat May 02, 2008

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The color of a nice pink pussy. The opposite of roast beef.
Man 1: "So bro... Was she a salmon or roast beef?"
Man 2: "She was SALMON!!!"
by urmomsgreat May 03, 2008

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