A word meaning bever in German.
Also a word that some people say to make fun of somebody with buck teeth.
Person #1- "Oh my god did you see that biber?!"
Person #2- "That wasn't a beaver, that was jimmy!"
by Your motherrrrrrrr June 29, 2009
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The prime evolution of “baby”. A biber babber’s etymology is derived from the English term of endearment “baby”. Baby quickly evolves into “bibi”. Hence, a bibi tends to do “biber”-like things. As a relationship with a biber progresses, one eventually develops into a full on “biber babber”. They participate in all types of tomfoolery and “biber-babbery”. When engaging in excruciatingly cute behaviors, a biber babber might be considered a “squibby-bibi” but only momentarily during peak cuteness.
“I really love my biber babber.”
“Don’t be silly, that’s just a bunch of biber-babbery!”
“OH MY GOD, you’re so cute. You’re being such a squibby-bibi.”
by Squibber69 January 3, 2022
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