means hyper tired.
when it's late && your soo tired that your hyper && you have no idea what your doing.
"Dude, it's like 4 in the am && freakin tring."
"Well I'm sleep txting."
by emmie ;D April 6, 2008
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an all purpose word, used for when you have no words to describe something.
Person A: Someone already has the screenname "Mayonaise..."
Person B: "..."
Person A: "Yeah, tring."
by Charlie Hombertson January 6, 2008
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Cross between Tremble and Cringe. When something makes you tremble and cringe at the same time, you tringe.
"Lord, I hate to hear a fly buzzing. Makes me tringe."
by Amber Da Pickle Unicorn August 17, 2016
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v. to goad, cajole; to strongly encourage one to do something they would rather not; to coerce or compel one to do anyting
"You tringed me everyday to tell him off!"

"My roommate has been tringing me about the laundry steez."
by ST.I.L.L. August 9, 2008
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a pure dad who looks out for her kids but is also very irresponsible when evro isn’t there.
good tidings we bring to you and your tring good tidings for pifmas and a happy pif year
by merrypifmas July 22, 2019
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