Some or all of the following:

When a person is just a low down dirty shame, their ways are crooked, they are off and they know it but won't admit it, comfortable in poverty, Slick, liar, ghetto, wrong,

continuously do things that are detrimental to their life, keep goin' round the mulberry bush, won't change, low mentality. LAZYAZELL!
1. You did what? You went and bought a car and didn't pay your rent? Yo, you just triflin'!

2. You mean to tell me that after her man through her that beautiful birthday dinner she went that night to chill with Johnny no good? Wow, that's triflin'.

3. Get your lazy behind up and take a bath! Dang, you triflin'!

You know you're triflin' when:
1. You show up to a potluck and ain't got a dang thing in your hand.
2. You're always running to the time clock on your way in to work and then try to play it off like it's all good when you get to your work station.
3. You're condescending toward others when you know you're jacked up yourself. Worse is when you can't even recognize your own stench. Triflin'.

4. Take out payday advance loans and all of a sudden feel like you got extra money to blow knowing you didn't budget and you gotta pay it back with interest.
by Cwerd May 5, 2014
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One who is shady. Spenser Mango. When a friend does one friends wrong....
Mango is going to root for Clarissa and not Mary....Thats triflin'!
by Melissa Simmons July 3, 2006
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Tom cheated on his wife 14 times in their childs bed is a severe case of triflinism.

Dianna drinks from her sisters' kool aid pitcher in her fridge, is documented as a chronic dialect of triflinism.

Not bathing or sleeping your work unifrom and ur employed at a fast food chain is a disgusting form of triflinism.
by MadameLoudPACK January 11, 2011
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Consistantly lying. Always up to no good. Sneaky. Suspect. Whorish. Always scheming. Conniving.

(Should never be trusted)
Maarij Jathiyah is too triflin - he's steady off the tryin to be slick tip.
by Menchaca April 9, 2007
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Possibly the most overused and least understood word in the urban lexicon. Literally means lazy or prodigal (wasting cash mo-nay). Frequently used to mean anything from "cheatin" to "busy bodied"
He ain't nothin but a trifflin dawg

Shit, Moeshia a trifflin ho, she aint bout nothin but cho bling son!
by Busy Bone August 4, 2003
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Verb : to display actions of a jive turkey, to ruin self image, to be an asshole
"Fool, you must be triflin'"
by Bobby Cemprola February 20, 2003
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Gross, dirty, ugly, nasty, poor, kife, custy.
Overall, disgusting.
You're triflin man.
by hotasses November 28, 2010
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