A cocktail you can get at the bar in which you keep buying a rich person drinks until they eventually puke in your glass.
They serve trickle downs at the bar, Reagan Diaries, in DC.
by cephallica January 6, 2011
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The phenomenon in which the rich elite of America let poor and lazy Americans catch the ball sweat trickling off of the rich man's scrotum. It is believed that consuming the rich man's testicular perspiration makes the poor pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.
Boy! Goldman Sachs sure can trickle down all over my face. Now I have a job and a house!
by harmolodic July 26, 2011
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A fairy tale told by Republicans. Based on the idea that if rich people are given Uber-Welfare in the form of tax credits, that they may throw a few crumbs to the rest of us, which somehow benefits us (even though the crumbs we get don't equal the money we've handed over to the rich). see also: absolute bullshit

Made popular under the Reagan Administration, it was his Republican primary opponent George Bush (Version 1.0) who coined the term voodoo economics to describe the principle. This, of course, was before it dawned on Bush that he was a rich bastard himself and should probably just keep his mouth shut.

Called trickle down as an endearing visual of the upper 1% pissing all over the less fortunate.
The best part of Dubya was just a trickle down Barbara's thigh.
by Madmann October 4, 2005
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(Also called voodoo or reverse robin hood economics)
Trickle down economics in todays economic climate is like offering someone with lung cancer a pack of smokes.

Fair enough rich people should support it, hell if i was rich so would i! But why the hell do the poorest people in society support it? It's like when someone in the street who's mugging you at gunpoint realises he has no bullets; what do you do?
1) kick the crap out of him and call the police. (or)
2)offer him some bullets you have in your pocket.
crazy isn't it?
Why do poor people support giving their money to the rich?
by george miller January 25, 2005
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prehaps the worlds stupidist economic policy, based on the premis that if you make the rich ritcher, that they will somwhow improve the condition of the poorest. Involves a great mis-understanding of human nature (and the nature of econmics)
How the west oppresive goverments (Chilie, Mexico, most of Africa, many asian countries) strong, to avoid popular rebelions.
by tranquil_demon August 12, 2003
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Damn, Thad's ex has a fine ass. I'm thinkin' some trickle down banging tonight?

Alex Moran: "Well I will get you all your leftovers. I call it trickle down banging."
by heyitsme317232 November 9, 2010
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The great thing about trickle-down economics is that every time I purchase a new yacht or Humvee it helps out every member of society. Don't see this five course meal and seven hundred dollar bottle of wine as an example of greed and excessive consumption, think of it as a consumer-based economic stimulus package. Now then, what's fifteen percent of three thousand dollars? Or maybe I should only tip ten, the waiter forgot to put THREE lemons in my water!
by maximo hudson July 21, 2011
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