A Sexy stunning girl who everybody adores. She is carrying to her friends and you know she will always be there for you.
She is creative and loves to help people. She has a strong personalty but will never be mad at you for more then a while. She always supports you and tries to give you the right answers to your needs.

She is very Hot and can always make you laugh. She always has a smile om her face. She's also good with the boys.
Sara was upset, her boyfriend had just cheated on her. Chilie came to the rescue. Chilie knew what it felt like and didn't want her friend to be hurt. After she had been with Sara 24/7 she went over to the ex-boyfriend to have a serious talk. After the talk the ex-boyfriend called Sara to apologize and ask for another chance but Sara was strong and did what Chilie had taught her "Bitch, hell no" and hung up.
by From the Galaxy of Sexy November 20, 2012
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Heaven on Earth. A place that only the holiest of humans (and some dogs) are allowed where the greats dine on only the finest delicicies and chicken tenders
“Hey Timmy, you want to eat at Chili’s tonight? I sure could go for a triple dipper!”

“Damn I would but I forgot to pack my tuxedo
by D’oh February 10, 2018
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A generally spicy soup which contains at least the minimum of chili powder and kidney beans. Beef is also another common ingredient. It's damn tasty with cheese and saltine crackers.
It was snowy and cold out, so I picked up some Chili-O and stuff to make chili when I get home.
by RaleSI December 22, 2009
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very likely the greatest restuarant of all time

a tex-mex style resturant, home of the famous baby back ribs (which Fat Bastard comments on in Austin Powers 2) and the monterey chicken

a piece of Heaven
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
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A ship consisting the characters Childe and Zhongli from the popular RPG game Genshin Impact.
“Who’s that as your wallpaper?”

It’s none other than Chili!”
by tartagIia December 12, 2020
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