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(Also called voodoo or reverse robin hood economics)
Trickle down economics in todays economic climate is like offering someone with lung cancer a pack of smokes.

Fair enough rich people should support it, hell if i was rich so would i! But why the hell do the poorest people in society support it? It's like when someone in the street who's mugging you at gunpoint realises he has no bullets; what do you do?
1) kick the crap out of him and call the police. (or)
2)offer him some bullets you have in your pocket.
crazy isn't it?
Why do poor people support giving their money to the rich?
by george miller January 25, 2005
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The cure for right wing american christians.
I f'cked fred phelps on the sodomobile yesterday!
by george miller January 25, 2005
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A moron.

a friend at college calls me this when i act like an idiot. I can't find a definition anywhere and he wont tell me what it means. I'm convinced he's made it up.
will you shut up, you nebard
by george miller January 22, 2005
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Fox news is an example of a slanted evil liberal channel. Liberals are reserved for free countries though, so what the f'ck are they doing in America? By the way most rich white people in America (like the Bush family and the Walton family) are RIGHTWING not leftwing.
look at those Leftwing Extremists holding up a "thank god for aids" sign, no they're rightwing, white, christian extremists. Problem is they get away with what they do.
by george miller January 25, 2005
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The cure for rightwing America.
Four more Moores! Four more Moores!
by george miller March 28, 2005
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This man gives dictators a bad name! Take a rage dump man!
saddam was ronald reagans bestest friend in the whole wide world (or was that mujahhadeen leader osama bin laden?) well it was one of those two.
by george miller January 25, 2005
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You want to anhialate kuwait? sounds like a strange thing for a neoconservative to say.
Please join neocon anonymous to help cool your rage.
by george miller January 23, 2005
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