A sexual foursome with three guys and one girl, so named after the triceratops's three horns.
Dom: Hey guys, it looks like i'm the only one who's pulled tonight but I'd be happy for some kind of devil's threesome or triceratops situation?
by archer1973 September 04, 2011
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An ugly female friend who viciously defends her other female friends from engaging in conversation with any male. Traditionally either man-hating gay or profoundly ugly; there appear to be no male triceratops. Attacking is always suicidal. The tactic is generally to lure the friends away from the triceratops nest so that you can talk to them without being impaled. See also cock block.
Dude, I tried to approach the honeys but I can't get past that triceratops.
by Chief Bootysmackah May 31, 2004
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A relationship between three people, where all three people are equally involved in the relationship and get along harmoniously. These relationships can involve persons of any gender.
Woman 1 (to Woman 2): You're such a good girlfriend. :
Woman 3: What about me?
Woman 2: You're our girlfriend too.
Woman 1: Yeah, we're a triceratops.
by som3randomp3rson November 30, 2012
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A hairstyle bringing hair from both sides of the head to a zenith mid-cephalon; a hairstyle resembling the horn of the infamous dinosaur, the triceratops.
Sagar, what is that awesome hairstyle called? Oh, its a triceratops. NBD.
by Factbox February 26, 2011
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A sexual position where only the index, middle, and pinky fingers are used. The first two fingers are inserted into the vagina and the remaining one is shoved up the ass.
Chris Miller: I just want to give that woman the "Triceratops."
Us: Shut up, Miller
by Ryan November 14, 2003
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