A treesh is word used to signify a slut or hoe
Yo these bitches be treesh
by Blackxilence October 23, 2017
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A treesh is a girl who likes to talk to mad boys. A person who has a new boyfriend every week. Always in people dm's
Yo i was just dating that girl. That girl is treeshing again
by nevaeh curry October 2, 2019
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what folk gang member use to identify a highly sexually active female
Yoo there's bare treeshhhhhhhhhh in the air BnB
by Top Richie November 13, 2016
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A girl that is hoeing around with every guy she sees and has a new man basically everyday.
Yo bro these bitches be treeshing don’t fuck with them no more.
by The_Nickchize August 1, 2018
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treesh is defined as kali
the biggest treesh of all
by bad influencers September 23, 2020
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