A treesh is another way of describing a female as a hoe. A treesh is someone who sleeps with different guys everyday or every week. A treesh tends to expose her body, to attract the attention of men and lure them in. A treesh can also be a female who cheats on her partner with many guys every night and usually most are gold diggers. A treesh is someone who is "easy". Which basically means they are easy to get in bed with.
Friend 1: yo I was with s/n last night, she was wild

Friend 2: really? What did you guys do?

Friend 1: she gave me head (sucked his dick) and we slept together.

Friend 3: I heard she slept with mark the other night as well, and she also slept with Justin on Friday

Friend 2: damn she a treesh

Friend 1: wow that's disgusting
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A girl who dates many guys or a girl that would go around talking to one person then forgets them and goes to another
by Ann I oop... June 4, 2019
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The meaning of Treesh is basically a hoe or slut this can be used for guys and girls that are straight up disgusting
Ew she a dumb treesh
Treesha vic
by Ayelitlit January 10, 2019
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A Treesh (adj) I mostly common to describe a hoe it’s also most commonly used in ny
by Ongoing October 16, 2020
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This shawty bugging for a glick, she a treesh
by Legocjs October 26, 2020
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A treesh is somebody who fucks with mad heads
Person 1: hey isnt that alexia
Person 2: yea shes a treesh lets go before we catch sm
by Someone 😝 October 13, 2019
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a word often used to describe anyone who’s a hoe or a thot.

this phrase is commonly used towards women.

particularly, the person has many options (people) to ‘go around’ with, and the treesh is often in many peoples dm’s.

short definition: if you have many friends of the opposite sex you’ll probably be called a treesh.
but the best way to use this word is when someone jumps around from person to person messing with many peoples feelings at once.
guy 1: *shows friend how many snaps they have from different girls*

guy 2: oh so you a treesh huh
by etyhaa September 9, 2021
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