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Treces is a variation of "deuces". You can use it in any social situation by holding up any three fingers and saying "Treces". Also can be used in photographs in place of a peace sign.
by Big diggity D August 08, 2011
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Trece when used with Sur (south) means gangster... so Sur Trece is Southside Gangster.

Literally means 13 though. hence the gang affiliation. Mexican Mob. MS13. and etc.

Not the same as a Cholo... because a Cholo is NOT a gangster. They are just latino thugs (thugs = ppl all about themselves not the set).

Sur Trece usually wear kahkis with a button up that only has the top button buttoned (2 is the Trece is white, very rare ime)
hey don't go lookin like a cholo in front of the Treces over there they don't think twice about killing Levas not down for the Raza.
by Weto (AKA Refry, AKA Whiteboi) January 08, 2008
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