Literally race. Usually used by us Mexicans (or Chicanos) to describe our people.
"Que viva la Raza!"
" I hate to see Raza killing each other."
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Spanish word for race (as in what race you are), usually used by Mexicans or chicanos of other latin disents.
"This is for la raza!"- Kid Frost
Viva La Raza!
You get the point
by Eazy^ October 5, 2007
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Literally has the biggest cock ever and is a god of gods
Hey man look its Raza,shit I gotta go clean my foreskin before he inspects it
by Ohmygodniggman March 5, 2020
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-Why is that guy wearing Supreme, Kid Robot, and G-Shock?

-Don't know but he's being a Raza
by Anthony Hoang April 26, 2011
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1. The hottest most irresistible man on earth
2. A literal pussy magnet
3. God of the ass
4. Does not mean race in Mexican
by muslimjohnwick September 28, 2020
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Hey, go get my raza so i can ride home.
by Anonymous April 9, 2003
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Raza is such a moron . Hes always talking about glizzies and its get so f ing annoying. Some how he is popular but then again he is from worther and all of the kids their are idiots but some how cool to some people.
Raza is talking very loud today.
by man patatoe February 17, 2021
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