The unincorporated area of East Los Angeles (aka 'East Los') for many decades has been home to Mexicans, Chicana/os and, increasingly, to more Central Americans. East Los Angeles is a historically rich, progressive community where the Chicano Movement was shaped and prominent artists, leaders, politicians, and scholars formed their ideologies. East L.A. is where the Brown Berets were formed, modeling themselves after the Black Panthers during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Aside from its rich history of politics and its anti-establishment ideals, East Los is known for its deep musical roots, its amazing Mexican cuisine, its contributions to pop culture (e.g. the lowrider was invented in ELA), and its proud people. East LA is to Mexicans what Harlem is to Blacks: the cultural capitol of the U.S. for Mexicans and Chicana/os. Punto.
East Los Angeles is aka 'East Los,' 'ELA,' and even simply as 'Los.'
by El Muñeco November 7, 2006
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birth place of chicano's ( east of south central )
Yo dude I was " born in east Los Angeles " down wind from LA dogg's ! up wind from " magic kingdom " smoke tijuana horse shit cigrates. Yo bad ass no green card cus I'm from east Los Angeles..
by itichie_nocanpo July 8, 2006
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Located on N. Broadway and is primarily Latino, with a few Asians and Blacks. The area was at one time referred to as 'the murder capital of the world' given the inordinate number of gangs in Lincoln Heights.
Students roam the campus throughout the day getting high. The school matra is the 'F' word which is continually heard when not using the other 'F' word referring to homosexuals, however it's often used as a greeting of sorts. Many of the students have at least one parent in prison, thus the latest gang attire of wearing rosary beads around one's neck which has nothing to do with religion, but are passed down from incarcerated relatives to remind the 'wanna bees' not to follow their path.
The path to the Dean's office at Lincoln High School, East Los Angeles, CA is the most popular place on campus where the student's are rewarded with candy. The best time to visit this campus is after nutrition or lunch when the common areas are covered with trash ankle deep, typical of most LAUSD high school campuses. This seems to be the only time administrators are visible as they come out from hiding in their suits and ties to pick up the garbage in case the real 'suits' from the district drop by unexpectedly.

The school is filled with wanna-be gang members, illegal immigrants and stupid kids who don't want to learn and just take up space while draining tax payer's dollars and causing more crime. They also cannot read or speak proper English (as noted by the constant slang and ebonics that continuously comes out of their mouths). The graduation rate is roughly 30%.

It is uncertain what will become of these thuggish idiots when they enter the real world (other than picking up a nice drug habit, stealing from each other or from hard working citizens, or watching the world from behind iron bars).
by Jam Bo November 5, 2009
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