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The unincorporated area of East Los Angeles (aka 'East Los') for many decades has been home to Mexicans, Chicana/os and, increasingly, to more Central Americans. East Los Angeles is a historically rich, progressive community where the Chicano Movement was shaped and prominent artists, leaders, politicians, and scholars formed their ideologies. East L.A. is where the Brown Berets were formed, modeling themselves after the Black Panthers during the late 1960's and early 1970's. Aside from its rich history of politics and its anti-establishment ideals, East Los is known for its deep musical roots, its amazing Mexican cuisine, its contributions to pop culture (e.g. the lowrider was invented in ELA), and its proud people. East LA is to Mexicans what Harlem is to Blacks: the cultural capitol of the U.S. for Mexicans and Chicana/os. Punto.
East Los Angeles is aka 'East Los,' 'ELA,' and even simply as 'Los.'
by El Muñeco November 06, 2006
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birth place of chicano's ( east of south central )
Yo dude I was " born in east Los Angeles " down wind from LA dogg's ! up wind from " magic kingdom " smoke tijuana horse shit cigrates. Yo bad ass no green card cus I'm from east Los Angeles..
by itichie_nocanpo July 08, 2006
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