A scrawny lollypop headed girl or woman, who hogs the treadmill at the gym, walking briskly for hours as though it would make any difference to her emaciated figure, thus preventing others using the machine.
"I had to quit gym early because there were too many tread-hogs"
by Diamond Tee April 9, 2009
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The holes left over from herion usage
Nice tread marks dude
by *9 July 3, 2005
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a woman that has no shame; esp. when in reference to sleeping with guys that know each other; a woman that has been "passed around"; scandalous
"Hey, who's that girl talking to Bob? Is it that re-tread from the party the other night?" "Sure is..."
by Kirkles July 30, 2005
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To break wind LOUDLY & UNEXPECTEDLY!!!
"lovely day for a walk Camilla"
"yes Charles, I was <<QQUUUAAAARRRKKKSSHHLLOOOOOPPPZZIPP>> .... errr pardon me"
"oh, did you tread on a frog dear"?
"yes, and I think I've shat myself n'all"
by clairem April 2, 2007
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Drinking fruity lexia (cask wine, goon)
Aron says: Hey Porl, would you like to come Treading Water tonight?
by mr-awesome January 2, 2011
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v. fag tread is what happens when two homosexuals have intercourse, but the one that has the male sex organ it there gluteous maximus is dragged across the carpet and ends up leaving feces on the carpet in a line. Like when you burn tread off of your tires
Ex: My Boyfriend fag treaded me across the carpet.
by Dr. Bananna January 21, 2011
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a description of people who are physically and mentally handicapped and cannot walk in a normal fashion. This problem may be alleviated with the use of tricky sticks (short crutches).
What the f*%$ is wrong with you why can't you walk straight, you got tricky treads.
by imapric September 28, 2013
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