A slutty person whose name is ashley.

A girl who hooks up with a lot of people, often multiple per night, sometimes after they have thrown up.
Guy 1: Hey man, did you hear Trashley hooked up with two guys last night?

Guy 2: Oh man, she's such a slut!

Guy: Yeah, haha.
by some guy whose awesome January 7, 2007
A girl named Ashley who is also white trash. Behaviors include heavy cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption. Also has the tendency to have sex with as many guys possible. Has zero financial management skills, tending to pay all bills by money order. Considers places such as Rent-a-Center as a viable option to obtain furniture and appliances. Usually possesses no drivers license and has previous stints in jail. Vocabulary is laced with profanity in all most all utterred sentences. Possesses no post secondary education or has dropped out from first semester of college. Usually addicted to watching daytime soap operas and bad reality TV shows.
I saw Trashley last night at the County Fair. I think she was working there.
by foundaboutu August 9, 2010
A succubus, but not hot, with a sub-retarded IQ that steals all of your money and your will to live, and then fucks other guys while dating you. Her only source of self worth is when she's getting fucked silly, which is often.
Dan: Dude, did you see Ashley at the bar? I think she's trying to get those three guys to triple team her and then hot karl her.
Jake: Yeah, it's too bad she's got mosquito bite tits and a saggy ass, otherwise they might.
Dan: Yeah, what a fucking Trashley.
by Teleboner April 30, 2009
Nickname for trailer trash broads named ashley. Ones that would sleep with your man's doppleganher in YOUR bed while you're sleeping on the couch 2 feet away. And then tell your man that you're sleeze..

#takeashower #getchecked #wrapitup

And save the best for last


(Can also be used for putas that legit walk around on all fours pretending they're a dog)
Girl 1: Hey I think this broad Ashley was under my bed touching herself..
Girl 2: gross that's trash
Girl 1: omg TRASHLEY! *Almost died of laughter*
Wait wait I got a better one! "Trashley furniture!"
Girl 2: omfg that's the best thing I've ever heard

*Both girls actually die laughing at the irony*
by Whattimeisitmrwolf February 29, 2020
A name for a girl that you hate with every ounce of your body and soul.

Someone Whois a dumb bitch
Someone you dump in front of your friends a day before prom and make her pay for her ticket
that Trashley is a super slut
by Freshstank December 7, 2011
A junkie who pops pills to fill the void in her life because no man sticks around who has an elongated face she despises looking at every morning in the mirror who also shoved a cellphone in her pussy and does cartwheels on Video Chat trying to remain relevant until she can afford to have her walls rebuilt. The most passed around skank in HOODZ*
Every Facebook Group has a Trashley.
by Alice Hatter HOODZ* October 4, 2019
A person named Ashley who is Trash.

A leech/mooch, expecting everyone to pay their way through life. If you buy them off-brands, they will complain that you're making them live a sub-par life.Refuses to ever help themselves, but blames everyone for her horrible choices.

Forces you to drive them everywhere & won't give gas money.
One who refuses to work. If they do get a job, they will not pay you money they owe for rent,gas,or food.

They will not pick up after themselves or clean. Is never grateful for supporting them, in fact they complain that you're not providing enough for them.

Will accuse you of poisoning their food and having an affair with her boyfriend.Trashley will also let you buy her hair dye of her choosing, then accuse you of messing up their hair when it doesn't come out right. As well as say you put chemicals in her shampoo to mess up her hair.

Their IQ is so low, it can barely be calculated. You wonder how they passed pre-school.
Girl 1: Who is that girl?

Girl 2: Oh, that's Trashley. She owes me lots of money, forces me to pay her way through life because if I don't, she goes psycho on me in front of my child.
by ohnoesman March 21, 2013