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Much like superman or superwoman a super slut goes well and beyond a normal slut! A super slut does super sexual things with their super mouth and other various super holes.

A super slut wont stop fucking or being fucked or performing any sexual act for pro-longed periods of time.
The Happy Valley Campers knew that this was no ordinary slut, this was a super slut.

"It's a job for super slut!"

"Hey is it a bird?""Is it a plane?""No!""It's super slut!"

We really should rent a movie called Super Sluts, apparently someone from graduation is in it!
by The Moody Poet August 06, 2006
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someone who is not a virgin and people dont like because she is not a virgin. but they really hate themselves becasue no one will have sex with them. the super slut likes to get with other hot guys even though she has a boyfriend.
Jealous guy: "God you are such a super slut i cant even look at you."
by steve v November 09, 2007
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A "super slut" is a form of slut that not only sexually pleasures a males passion split but also has the mystical ability of creating passion splits
I met this super slut the other night and now my passion split feels like it's on fire!
by Boywiththe bongaloid January 02, 2017
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