Much like superman or superwoman a super slut goes well and beyond a normal slut! A super slut does super sexual things with their super mouth and other various super holes.

A super slut wont stop fucking or being fucked or performing any sexual act for pro-longed periods of time.
The Happy Valley Campers knew that this was no ordinary slut, this was a super slut.

"It's a job for super slut!"

"Hey is it a bird?""Is it a plane?""No!""It's super slut!"

We really should rent a movie called Super Sluts, apparently someone from graduation is in it!
by The Moody Poet August 6, 2006
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someone who is not a virgin and people dont like because she is not a virgin. but they really hate themselves becasue no one will have sex with them. the super slut likes to get with other hot guys even though she has a boyfriend.
Jealous guy: "God you are such a super slut i cant even look at you."
by steve v November 10, 2007
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when a girl wears extremmely short skirts and likes to think of herself as a hot bar dancer.
Hey Abbey nice mini skirt you fucking super slut.
by Rizzo&Chloe June 28, 2006
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A "super slut" is a form of slut that not only sexually pleasures a males passion split but also has the mystical ability of creating passion splits
I met this super slut the other night and now my passion split feels like it's on fire!
by Boywiththe bongaloid January 3, 2017
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A level beyond that of super slut. It was long thought to be impossible to attain, however this notion was proven wrong by no other than the infamous Paris Hilton. The slutiness of a Super Slut 2 is approximately double that of the standard super slut. Those that are still in a fit state to talk after screwing a Super Slut 2 describe the experience as the most satisfying and explosive orgasm they have ever had.
"Did you see Paris Hilton's video?"

"Yeah, she has officially just become the mythical Super Slut 2."
by Doomus July 2, 2015
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A person female or male who loves to give fellatio and receive loads of cum in their face.

created by: T RO 2009
Boy 1: Did you hear about Vanessa?

Boy 2: Ya, she's a total super soaker slut she has had gallons on her face
by PrettyPinkPrincess88 October 12, 2009
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Omg girl slay super slut!👅🤪”
by KK.r September 16, 2023
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