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The mouth is open as wide as possible giving the penis a moist feeling, but hardly any contact. Thus creating the trash can effect of a wide opening going on your dick.
She has the lips of an angel, but the mouth of a trashcan.

I once saw Megan trashcanning Casey, fuckin A, man.
by SirRoxen September 13, 2008
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While in a moving vehicle, a passenger will grab a trash can from someone's drive way and hold it whilst going down the street. After moving down a few houses, the passenger will then throw the trash can they are holding into someone else's trash can.
Kerry and Alicia went trash canning after leaving the IHOP.
by Cramps Delight January 17, 2005
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The act of placing a trash can in the middle of a busy street int he middle of the night and watching a car unexpectedly strike it.
Travis - "hey man, remember when we went trash canning and that truck hit our roadblock and almost crashed?"

jason - "yea man, that was awesome"

Travis - "yea, it was awesome. Nest time we'll use your mom as the roadblock. After all, she is a cum dumpster."
by ROFL-Chopper January 30, 2010
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An anti-social statement to one's sexual partner whereas the mark is forced to shit -as a laugh, hence the term: Trash-canning. Trash-canning is funny! An act of rectal plunging. Mind Games: When you want to think of an excuse to dump someone. Trash-canning is funny!
Mario was Trash-Canning Princess and succeeded in getting her to poop!
by Doll-Fish May 15, 2007
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