To smoke weed inside a closed environment, such as a car with the windows rolled up. Inhaling the second-hand smoke increases the effect.
We sat in the car and greenhoused a couple of joints.
by Savvy Sin December 8, 2007
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RAF wartime slang for Cockpit cover.
"Couldn't get the greenhouse open"
by Gari July 30, 2005
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Smoking (usually weed) in your car with the windows rolled up.
man, i wasnt smoking but my friends were greenhousing so bad i got high just by sitting in the car with them
by Downshift February 10, 2004
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Similar to gaslighting. It happens when someone tries to make another person feel guilty for their reported negative impact on the environment.
Bailey: "You know driving here instead of walking is really bad for the environment."
Fred: "I live 43 miles away! Stop greenhousing me!!!"
by von groovy July 20, 2019
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The clear building that houses planets on a school campus but is really used for kids to go make out in
Did you hear Autumn and Hayden went to the greenhouse at the football?
by That kid from beebe October 15, 2016
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