The female equivalent of a fuckboy; usually consists of cheerleaders.
Person 1: is Sydney a trashcan?
Person 2: well, she's dating a football player and she's a cheerleader, so she must be.
by Ebhan January 10, 2016
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The human dumpster emitting noxious greenhouse gasses. Consumes most types of garbage for compacting and recycling on weekends.
Elan Tanur is a Trashcan.
by Sel22 March 13, 2016
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Something or someone that is shitty and considered trashy.
You're a fucking trashcan.

That song is pretty trashcan status.
by Zebra the Moose April 18, 2017
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The mouth is open as wide as possible giving the penis a moist feeling, but hardly any contact. Thus creating the trash can effect of a wide opening going on your dick.
She has the lips of an angel, but the mouth of a trashcan.

I once saw Megan trashcanning Casey, fuckin A, man.
by SirRoxen September 13, 2008
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That chick is the neighboorhood trashcan! We all throw some junk in her!
by old dirty buck November 02, 2009
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When someone forces you to change your profile picture to the trash can that looks like amogus
Person 1: Haha jerkass, you lost the bet, change your pfp to the sus trash can!
Person 2: Dammit, I made it this far without getting trashcanned and I threw it all away.
by joe s. krakowski July 11, 2021
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