The act of listening to trap music (genre) and just letting loose or raging.
Carl was trappin out in his room
by jdhillonn March 14, 2016
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clothing that identifies you as someone who sells or does drugs.
The leaf Jimmy's sporting on his shirt is trappin gear, putting out vibes that he's the man to talk to about some bud.
by MEHood May 23, 2006
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Hoe trappin is the act of luring someone in to "hang out", then when they are about to leave you slide in with the "hug" push yourself close on them, and then ask them "are they sure they really gotta go"
I was late for work today because I went to hang with this girl, and she started hoe trappin as i walked out the door.
by ShawlNuff December 31, 2018
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When someone's garments look as if they tore-down-the-curtains-to-make-a-dress (shirt, shorts, etc.) Often floral patterns and tapestry-like material.
Oh gawd, she is Von Trappin'. Hideous!
by Matty Mac May 19, 2006
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The act of launching a cardboard projectile on the noggin of near by homosapiens; and watching the franticly panic and scream "was that a bur trapp?!?"
Bobby and i are goin bear trappin
by bagoyavitch February 25, 2010
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Whats up, I aint hear from you in a minute?-- Whatz Trappin'?, I been working hard taking care of the family?
by iMaj609 February 7, 2011
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staying inside of your dorm for a particular period of time instead of going out..
Shawn: "Aye bro, you goin to the club tonight with us?"
Mike: "Nah, I dont that club, it be too crowded and expensive.. me, Chris, Lisa, and Sarah dorm trappin tonight.."
Shawn: "Huh?"
Mike: "We already got music, and bottles here, so..."
Shawn: "Oh I see.."
by Words4Dummies October 25, 2012
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