The slang word trap has numerous definitions, but is mostly used to refer to any place where drugs are being exchanged. BUT! an Intelligent well known musician “Lil Trap” transformed it into a well known acronym newly defined, Meaning growing up or living in or around an a unpeaceful environment. Modern Day Used to refer a household with violence,abuse,neglect,intimidation, profanity,or crime intellectuals ect.
Me being rasied in a trap home and making it out in the condition of feeling peaceful taught me how to be courageous when handling or being brought into a harmful conflict or conflicts.
by Iconic Legends May 29, 2018
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To accuse a nigga of something bad or incriminating when he is really innocent.
Thot: I know you got a baby mama Joe

Joe: I really don't . Stop trying to trap me.
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by Cool Cati el June 09, 2018
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Yo my homeboy have you ever met a real life trap before?
Yeah you mean berlin?
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by Ninjaspikers2 November 08, 2018
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