A dope female who's bad without even trying.
A female who's always down to chill and never brings the drama.
Alisha said she's down to fuck if i have condoms, and she's down to smoke and chill if it's at the crib. She ain't with that sketchy shit or the drama. I call her my trap queen.
by @GarrettPinagel July 01, 2015
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The Queen of Traps whose femininity outshines all other would be traps.

A male who could be mistaken for a woman even by the straightest of men.
Some may think Pico is the #1 Trap but I feel that crown belongs to Ruka Urushibara he's a total Trap Queen.

"Man I totally watched Boku no Pico last night that Pico totally looked like a chick and made me hard as hell. I'd totally fuck that little Trap Queen."
"Nah man, the Trap Queen is totally Ruka Urushibara go read some Steins;Gate doujins."
by Daishan August 13, 2015
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A female who is street wise, the baddest female. She is loyal to her friends, lives for her family and very serious about her money.
My chic is a Trap Queen
by 500C September 20, 2015
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The lady of the trap house; that is, a woman who engages in the lifestyle of drug manufacturing, packaging, selling, et. A woman who tends to d-boys.
by zophurd September 03, 2015
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a popular character that is/can be romanced from an anime or game but is actually a crossresser (A.K.A., a Trap.)
"Chihiro is mai waifu. she's so cute."
"Dude, are you GAY? he's a trap queen,"
"HE!?!?!" *le faint*
by HexedRonin August 30, 2015
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