A Loyal female who gots your back to the Fullest From good times to Bad times till the wheels fall off ..
Yeah Bela, Gots my Back to the fullest always there when i need her she's" My TRAP QUEEN"..
by ironcock8 September 27, 2015
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A down ass bitch, respected. She will do whatever needed to take care of her family and friends. Loyal AF. Sexy AF . Can roll a fat one right beside you, and keeps her stuff in line. Never disrespected, not even by haters. Takes care of her man and lovers take care of her.A great wingman. Knows how to act like a lady, can take her on a yacht or to a crack house, she knows how to be. Listens to your problems, has the best advice. No subject is taboo, and she'll ride or die for your ass. Loves to fuck. If you're lucky enough to have a trap queen in your life, respect her, keep her around, don't fuck it up. You will never find another. If you're blessed and she let's you, fuck her good.
Yeah, she's a trap queen, and I'd do anything for a girl like her.
by yasssbitch September 15, 2015
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A ride or die female who traps with her man. Holds her business as well as her partner in crime down. Usually from the ghetto or the hood.
by Die2LoveYou November 01, 2015
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The highly skilled female authority figure of the home where illicit drugs are made and/or distributed and sold. Often times, she is directly involved in the manufacture of the drugs.

Describes a former girlfriend who "learned how to cook crack, and she kind of did it so good that she made enough for the both of us. She knew how to stretch that s--t..." -- Fetty Wap
Have you seen that girl cook crack? No wonder she is the trap queen.
by OhNoesDontDierxMePlz October 29, 2015
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She is the alpha, the one running the show, handling a business, she’s street smart, and genuinely had a rough upbringing and or no choice to run the streets like she does. These bad bitches are cunning, intelligent, and VERY rare to see because the game and the streets are commonly run by the male gender. Well the Trap Queen can run it just like the rest of, not better.

P.s. They are sooo rare, they are often mistaken for bougie ass bitches or drug sluts
“That girl is runnin it, with smarts and class. Definitely a Trap Queen!”
by QueenCuntee May 06, 2020
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