LOOK UP THE WORD SHAYDE she is a hoe ducking everything trap queens scary
by Shayde mommy March 23, 2015
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A female who gets pregnant against the mans wishes, and in many cases without his knowledge.
She told him the medicine she got from Dr Shittyact were the type that don't work for two weeks but he forgot to tell her at the time. .lol, she's the trap queen.
by where is my steak April 06, 2015
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A girl who you will typically find banging guys behind your local super market. One who engages in listening to trap music and likes to get high on her own supply
I saw a trap queen listening to Fetty Wap while giving a guy a blow job in an ally once
by Shia Labouf August 11, 2015
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Boss Bitch that doesn't take shit from anybody. Works all day, then comes home to her man & is a domestic bitch and cooks pies in the kitchen with her baby
"Yo, my girl a trap queen. She be out sellin all day and then come home and cooks me dinner and pies."
by BossAssBitch/TrapQueen April 16, 2015
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{Kaitlyn} is a trap queen cuz the {only} thing she do is get beat up and {smoke} crack and suck {hella} dick
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A loyal female that sells drugs for you or with you,that one chick you trust with the drugs money and guns the kinda girl that makes them plays ($ales) when you ain't around
Brah your the king of this trap shit,even when your not around your trap house stay jumping, that's because my trap queen does her job moving bricks getting rich
by El Rico August 13, 2015
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