Left Brain is a member from the alternative hip hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA).
He is the producer and backing vocalist of MellowHype, a duo he forms with rapper Hodgy Beats.
"Left Brain is the maddest cunt in OF!"
by B.P.O. October 18, 2011
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Someone who does and say everything backwards.
Tammy: OMG my dad is So left brain! You know what he said?

Becky: What?

Tammy: He just told me to lock the door and then go in the house.

Becky: Wow... He is left brain.
by cheeky monkey221 April 19, 2009
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the opposite of openminded & free thinking. non-holistic and in-the-box minded people. people with left brained syndrome could be labelled as "sheeple" or said to be contained in a "mental prison"

they tend to be lacking in any spirituality, they ride the cultural wave, follow all the current trends and are the system's bitch. they dont think for themselves, dont question authority, dont question their own beliefs, dont question others beliefs, and are often opposed to progressive thinking and controversial ideas.

they follow predetermined patterns of behaviour, and mimick how other people act instead of doing what they feel is right. many attach themselves to ideologies and with no basis, believe and defend these ideologies with a life and death attitude.

left brained syndrome is an unfortunate pandemic.
the best and quickest cure for left brained syndrome is psychedelic drugs...unfortunately, the syndrome causes these people to be highly opposed to these substances... ironic.

righty brain: want to smoke some dmt?

lefty brain: no, its illegal and i must follow the law. also, the christian god i devoutly follow would be very dissapointed in me.
by danand April 1, 2012
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Describes how a process is developed to cater to multiple ways people may wish to use or view that process.
While some people prefer to use drop down menus, other people prefer to use images for navigation. Left brain / right brain development provides a solution for both so that both sides of the brain are happy :-)
by Michael G. Valentin September 1, 2003
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