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Transference is when you “transfer” you personal flaws and garbage to someone else.

Many times, people don’t even realize they are doing this.

Occasionally it is important for personal, positive growth to ask yourself if you are doing this to other people, because by periodically examining your own flaws, you can be aware of them.

By becoming aware of them, you have to opportunity to change and become a better and happier person.
My semi-evil, douche-bag neighbor just told me all this nasty stuff about everyone in town. I have a feeling he is mostly talking about himself indirectly and using transference.
by Ian De La Rosa June 27, 2013
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In a patient-therapist relationship, romantic feelings can develop. And when that happens, it clouds objectivity and that relationship breaks down.

it's basically a therapist has romantic feelings for a patient and/or the patient has romantic feelings about the therapist.
the romantic feelings clouds the reason why the patient is in therapy. otherwise the romance gets in the way.
s: hey, can i tell you something…? it's about my therapist.
j: of course, what is it?
s: i have… i have feelings for my therapist, the type where i just wanna grab her and kiss her. it's so awkward to have transference feelings for her!
j: that sucks..
by synonymORpseudonym March 31, 2017
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