a guy with long greasy, tangled hair often unwashed for many months. Does not wash for months as well and wears the same clothes for a long period of time. Homeless and begs for money. Tramps are often know as 'Troy'
1. ahhh, that dude stinks man, who is he?"
hmm don't know man, looks like a troy though innit!"
innit, such a tramp!
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A man or woman who has not got a home or a place to leave, thus lives on the street.

Tramps smell revolting and have poor hygiene because they cant afford to wash.
Guy 1. "Hey, you remember jack lonergan from school? hes totally a tramp now?"

Guy 2. "Man, i saw him last week. he stank of shit."
by E Stone. March 6, 2009
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That biznitch is the biggest hoe, slut, slag, slapper, and tramp I've ever fucked from behind
by XtRaVa November 24, 2003
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Girls who sleep around and will open their legs for any guy.
Brittany Cooper from Westmoore High School in Oklahoma.

Ex. Brittany Cooper is such a tramp, she's like with every guy, especially the jr high boys and she's 16. Such a fucking TRAMP!
by Ucant_hadleme May 8, 2010
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Your Annoying Slobby, Grumpy, Selfish, Bossy Sister.
You're A Tramp, All You Do Is Fight With Your Friends// or // GO AWAY, TRAMP!
by Rihanna The Richest June 28, 2016
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Shannon Briggs is a tramp 90% of his vocabulary is let’s go champ
by NonceLord6969 October 13, 2019
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