A fiddler and multi-instrumentalist who was a member of the Capitol Records artists Walk the West, The Cactus Brothers and Bonepony. He also worked as a sideman or session player for The Kendalls, Hank Williams Jr., Lucinda Williams, Doug Dillard Band, Hayseed and The Shakers among others. www.trampcamp.net
Yo! Tramp rocked on that electric fiddle tonight!
by Phlem Cooley April 28, 2020
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Sian because she always has dog hairs all down her and she burps in one directions face.
Sian burped in one directions face because shes a tramp
by lucyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy October 1, 2011
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Tramp is short for trampoline. If someone is a tramp, it means they bounce on dixk all day
She tramps about

She bounces on dixk all day
by TheClassicSmartGirl November 30, 2015
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A person who smells and has a vacant stare. They usually have dogs and if they can stop buying cheap alcohol and fags they may have a instrument to play. However they will not play the song you want and insist on playing their crap as loudly as possible for the whole street to hear. Bears a resembalnce to chavs in the way thet they hang in groups at certain times of the day.May perform acts in order to gain money for drugs.
"spare change?" no u fukin tramp. "got a fag mate"? no.
"wanna buy me dog off me" get the fuck away from me.
by uncouthyouth March 8, 2006
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A girl who is a hoe. A girl who fucked a lot of guys and now thinks she is somebody. A girl that deserves no respect. Also known as a trick.
Yo that chick is a straight tramp why did you ever date her.
by BigPimppin6906 November 23, 2017
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Somebody whos mother never taught them to dress properly, so either wears the untidiest, oldest, smelliest, raggediest clothes ever, or pretty mch wears no clothes at all, so they can see how many men will shag them, which normally totals to none as they are flabby drunken wores who'se bellies flop over their trousers *pukes*
"Oh my god leah ambler looks like a right tramp"
by sunnybunch May 4, 2003
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Any women that will open her legs for anyone, like javiers mom.
Javiers mom is a tramp.
by ThePimp19 February 26, 2016
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