Lower back tattoo; usually demonized by men as inviting to sexualize women.
In the early 2000’s tramp stamp were the thing to get with low rise jeans and crop top.

Carlton saw her tramp stamp and thought she was sexy.
by Divine Fem June 6, 2022
An annoying tattoo, usually written in a obscure language (like Sanskrit), located directly above a woman's ass-crack.
Christina said her Sanskrit tatoo isn't a tramp stamp because it says something meaningfull, but it probably just says "Hit That" in Arabic.
by D. Sanchez 117 December 2, 2010
The Tatto found on the lower back of a Skank
Don't touch that whore! check for the Tramp Stamp!
by TurdChaser March 13, 2008
any tattoo located on the midriff area such as the lower back, near/on the "v-cut", and/or near the crotch
Guy: Ayyo the girl with the tramp stamp wants to hook up!
Other Guy: Which girl with the tramp stamp? Is hers located on her lower back or her pelvis?
Guy: Pelvis
Other Guy: Dude, I boned her last night.
by douchebagggman March 24, 2010
A tattoo a slutty girl gets usually on her lower back just above her butt crack, but can also be on other areas like her pussy or tits. It named because ANY chick who would strip/spread for some sleazy tattooist will strip/spread for ANYONE.
As soon as I saw that tramp stamp on her pussy, I knew she was going to swallow my load.
by kingofthenet May 7, 2009
a tatoo a woman has just above her ass. It labels her as easy, a tramp or a slut. It is incrediblly distastefull and classless in my opinion. Let women act like women!!!!!
The tramp stamp is disgusting and I will never date a girl who has one. I like girly girls.
by krock1dk@yahoo.com October 13, 2007
a tattoo on the lumbar section of a person. called such for the association of promiscuity and the tattoo's placement especially when intentionally worn exposed through a combination of low-slug bottom/high-cropped top clothing. also used by some as a target during doggy-style intercourse in order to shoot one's load onto it... also referred to as 'putting one through the uprights' as it implies kicking a field goal, only in a sexual connotation :)
"...she got her cell number put in a tramp stamp above her ass."
by BigJohnSmash April 15, 2015