Small tattoo on the lower back of a woman. Very trendy with girls 16 to 25. Originating from something Rob "Bastard" Vest said once.
Tara had a tramp stamp, figured her for an easy sorority chick.
by Irongeek September 5, 2004
The Tattoo found on the lower region of a womans back. Often a tribal symbol or artwork that is wider than tall, such as angel wings, vines, and butterflies. It origins are believed to have started with early indian tribe(s) when a male would place his 'brand' on his female partners lower back to discourage other males, where the strategically placed brand would be seen during sexual acts, such as the 'doggie style' position.

Ironically, today it is usually understood by society as associated with sexual promiscuity and commonly reffered to using derogatory terms. Popular with women in their 20's, and frowned upon in their later years.
I thought she was a the girl next door until I saw her tramp stamp, and I knew she was a slut.
by A non e mouse user September 28, 2006
A tattoo located directly above a girl's ass, signifies that she is a worthless slut.
Tara got a tramp stamp the other day, it's no suprise because she is indeed a whore who prefers to follow the herd.
by starkeX July 11, 2006
One sure way of pointing out a woman you don't want to date. The tramp stamp's sole purpose is to provide a type of ID or banner for everyone to see that indeed this woman is trashy and not the kind to bring home to meet the family. It's a term used to describe the tattoo on the lower back of a woman....usually just above the butt crack.
"Man, I really liked that girl until I saw she had a tramp stamp! Everyone knows what kind of a woman puts something like that on her back."
by Three B January 28, 2009
A tattoo located above the ass crack of sluts, and girls who pretend not to be sluts, but of course, really are.
Alex : Do you see that tramp stamp on that skeez?

Frank : Might as well be a bullseye.
by Alay October 16, 2007
Something I wanted on my lower back because I thought it was cute. But I learned ill be looked as a slut, so I changed my mind.
Guy: "See that Tramp Stamp on that girls back?"
Other guy: "Yeah"
Guy: "That means she likes getting the D"
Other guy: *Winks*
by DefinitonGirl101 August 30, 2017
Tattoo usually positioned on the lower back of a exotic dancer and or a female. Usually accompanied with low rising pants with a "Thong" underwear exposed.
I had a date with a girl. Once I saw her Tramp Stamp, I knew it was a sure thing.
by Deez March 9, 2005