Gender: Feminine & Masculine

Tracie (a.k.a. Tracy, Tracey, Traci) is a complex individual shown by the many spellings and androgyny of the name. Tracie's are generally rebellious, worldly in nature, and lean towards the creative realm. They are intelligent deep thinkers. Tracie's may be extroverts, but they also harbor a quiet introspective side that is sometimes misconstrued as pretentiousness. Due to their creative, intellectual, fun and rebellious nature they tend to be ahead of the curve. They feel akin to the warrior spirit and therefore appear intimidating to others who don't know them.

Tracie's are individuals and, as so, shun any comparisons between Tracie and it's being a short form of Theresa. "Tracy", from an English surname, was derived from the Norman French "domain belonging to THRACIUS" handed down from Rome where it meant "of Thracia". The physical borders of Thracia no longer exist. What was left of Thracia was divided in the beginning of the 20th century between Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Thracian has a strong regional identity in these areas.

Tracie’s are rare; they are ranked #544 for most common female first name (in the U.S.) with 0.024% of females in the United States named Tracie. Around 29,400 females are named Tracie in the U.S. Numbers vary for other spellings.

Very few men use this spelling of Tracie.
She's not a bitch, she's Tracie.
by GreenThumb218 November 01, 2010
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curious to know what it feels like to be you
A Tracie is a girl every boy is dying to kiss. When she enters the room everybody bows down and sings. She has five tits, two asses, the biggest feet and the hairiest ears and nose. She speaks 26 languages fluently and is a Christian, a Sikh, a Jew, an atheist, a Buddhist, a Muslim and an agnostic. Tracie is a rapper and sings arias. Her flat mates are: Homeless Holly, Shitty Shae, Limbless Linda and One-eyed Wayne. Tracie

No, i cannot do it. Somethings gone wrong.

Are you going out?
Be good.
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by genderfluid ladybug April 20, 2019
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A bish that likes to eat sour cream as a snack, and has enough photos of herself with weird haircuts that she could fill up a photo album. Used every birthday and shooting star to wish that she could be a little bit extra Spanish.
Look! Tracie is taking a dump in the neighbors yard!
by Creamy Orange December 11, 2019
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Best boi because why not?.He really funny and you should never let go of him.He will make time out of his day to be with you.He may have a high pitch voice but he still best boi
Person:Wow your lucky to have Tracie

Me:yes he best boi
by Eri sand November 16, 2019
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Someone who needs to delete all her email address, and If she needs to make new ones, she needs to delete those every six months or less. Oh and cell phones suck too. just fyi
Tracie someone who is sick of electronics and guys that have the letter A as the first letter in their name.
by RomanHi5 September 03, 2020
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