someone who is shit at graffiti. Abbreviation for Tag Over You
What a toy cunt
That throwy is fucking toy
by thorsten jack bob May 18, 2008
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a toy is someone you just hook-up with not a relationship kinda of a friend with benefits. One can have many toys
Whoa, Kevin you have so many toys in your phone book that it's just awesome.
by kevin Douglas May 01, 2005
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An object that makes you happy.
"My new car is a toy."
"This can of soda is a toy."
"I should buy all of Doctor Phineas Steels toys."
by J ackalope February 07, 2008
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Any paraphernalia such as a dildo, cock ring, or strap on that can be used while having sex with your partner to spice things up a bit. (or on your own)
Before getting started person A used a plug on person B so that when person A went down on person B, person B had a more intense orgasm
by the games guru February 24, 2004
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A inexperience Breaker, Rapper or Writer anyone new to the hiphop scene who has really no clue, usually only used on people who really have no interest in what there doing and only do it cause thats what there "mates" do.

Plus there Crap
"Look at his mills, meh there toy"

"Shit that piece is crap, Yeh beat its done by some toy"

"Omg its a freestyle who you doing a written, You toy"
by VisOne March 24, 2003
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