a great guy, pretty much natures nobleman.
honest, faithful, and even has nice hair and teeth. great brother, friend, and anyone who dates him is a pretty lucky girl. jacs' usually excel at sports such as track and soccer.

"that guy is so cool, he's such a jac"

"did you know in the past days, baby jesus was referred to as jac?"
by oh ya know. September 9, 2008
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Jac is an amazing person that likes to correct peoples spelling mistakes. But it's all okay because it helps when doing english coursework.
by Cream1995 October 18, 2010
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jac is the name of a man of greatnes
"hi jac" says alex
a beam from heven comes down from above
"hi fag" says jac
by alex gilson December 23, 2016
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An annoying turd who smells of coleslaw, and you could easily kick him over a fence
by anthony_1888 June 8, 2019
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