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a great guy, pretty much natures nobleman.
honest, faithful, and even has nice hair and teeth. great brother, friend, and anyone who dates him is a pretty lucky girl. jacs' usually excel at sports such as track and soccer.

"that guy is so cool, he's such a jac"

"did you know in the past days, baby jesus was referred to as jac?"
by oh ya know. September 09, 2008
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Jac is an amazing person that likes to correct peoples spelling mistakes. But it's all okay because it helps when doing english coursework.
by Cream1995 October 18, 2010
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1. stands for, Josh, Andrea, Chet, Sam. We are all POTSO's. that stands for people out to skrew others.
2. people who come on urbandictionary to make kids feel bad by putting tru shit about them on here :).
1. JACS, skrew with us, we skrew with u.
2. ryan, the JACS are going to have to make fun of u on here :).
by Chet and Josh November 06, 2004
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an acronym which stands for "just another chink"
used mainly at universities with many asians (UCI in particular)
Person A: damn, i fucked on last weeks exam again! who the hell is breaking the curve?

Person B: it's probably JAC
by hai2uci September 05, 2004
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A trio of three people, whose first letters of their first names consist of an "A", a "C", and a "J." JAC is typically awesome, exuberant, and quirky. If crossed, JAC can become vicious, manipulative and even violent. Everyone wants to be a part of JAC, but can't be.
I wish I was part of a cool trio like JAC.
JAC is so much better than ZAC.
by Member-Of-The-Year November 28, 2010
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