An acronym that stands for "Transfer of Information". Usually used in a company/business setting when one person or group of people needs to train or inform another person or group of people on some topic.
I have to give that TOI presentation next week. Could you help me create the slides?
by programmerq February 16, 2017
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The use of dildos or vibrators for sexual pleasure.
Tiara used toys on herself
by jonbrowns January 3, 2008
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person 1: "what are you doing right now?"
person 2: "TOY"
person 1: "What???"
person 2: "Thinking of you!!"
by Maskedryder2020 September 7, 2009
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TOI! stands for twin on inside.
Used to describe two best friends who realize how similar on the inside they are, even though they look nothing alike on the outside. The ultimate fusion of one soul separated into two different bodies. People may become jealous of the power of the TOI! Yet no matter what, they stay strong. A TOI! may find that no matter what they say, do, wear and even think is similar to that of their TOI!
What oh my gosh, we're wearing the same dress! That's so TOI!
by SOI!TOI!'s6000 February 5, 2011
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a slang word for drugs taken at raves usually ecstasy (MDMA)
Or other uppers in pill form. other names for these drugs which originate from toys include "beanie babys"and 'alex the loin". these terms are more comonly used at british 16+ raves. whereas ameriacan ravers use the term "blits".
"oi, bruv u got any toys?"

"na homie but ive got blits!" (american accent)
by krispy kreme 69 September 4, 2009
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1. A gun

2. Your ride
1. Fraysa boy cockin toys yall don't wanna fuck with me, infra red got ya scared in protective custody -Frayser boy HCP

2. Now what ya know about them country boys, comin down in candy toys, playin hard, talkin noise? -Pimp C
by cock_master33 August 28, 2010
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