A Toy is a difficult, very stubborn and often jealous person. A Toy tries to hide her feelings by being a bitch and pissing others off so that they don't see that something is bothering her. A Toy's mouth never shuts and if it's closed something is either wrong or she is asleep. A Toy ususally is listening to lil wayne or something rap. Cute face perfect figure. Always puffin on a cigarette or a blunt. A Toy is very rare so when you find one don't let her go you'll regret it. A Toy is hot or cold nothing in between so she better love you because if she doesn't then most likely she hates you. If she hates you well God Bless your poor soul. A Toy is also very dependent on her family. She will probably be living at home when she is 25, and will never get married. Always partying, and having a great time.
Call Toy she'll know where the parties at.

Did you see that fine ass girl who wouldn't shut up? She is such a Toy lettme get that number.
by DopeDick September 14, 2011
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I am 23 and I play with my toys...
by lego adam November 10, 2016
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Used to desribe someone as an ameteur or new to something. Can also mean uncool in general. Not good at any sort of hip hop-ish thing like spitting or graffiti etc. Someone that tries to hard at something they only do to look cool.
-He is a toy man, he's so crap at spitting
-He's toy at writing boy.
by Billy Christmas January 26, 2007
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Yo peep that toy ass nigga talking like he bout that shit.
by Insist November 10, 2017
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A piece, a gat, a gun, a grip, a shotty, a spitter, a firearm, etc.
-"Gripping on a toy that you won't find at KB (read: KB Toys)"

-"Eyo shorty gimme that toy I'mma straighten this nigga out when he come out the bodeg."
by Terry Balducci June 5, 2006
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Noun- an object that makes you happy.
by Mattie von Murdertits February 3, 2010
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Stupid, to be played with.

Derived from the futuristic world of Haddyn (Manhattan) in the Dark Horse graphic novel Fray, created by Joss Whedon (most famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Also heard as (more mainstream) 'Don't toy with me.'
'This is toy!!'

as a replacement of

'This is a game!!'
by Innocentphoenix September 14, 2009
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