The girl that everyone has had sex with, the analogy is the town bike that everyone gets a ride from.
by Sam A.M. October 18, 2003
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A girl of questionable virtue. i.e a dead cert for the price of a bag of chips and family size bottle of tizer.
wear a condom, do not rely on the rythm method. also see MORE PRICKS THAN A DART BOARD
by Tezza November 11, 2003
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A female who gets ridden by all comers (cummers). The word "comers" is a double entendre also meaning "cummers" - semen ejaculators.

A female who pedals (peddles) her ass around town or who is pedalled (peddled) around town. The word "pedal" is a double entendre also meaning "peddle" - to sell.
Almost everyone has ridden the/that Town Bike. The Town Bike is a joy ride. The Town Bike is pedalled (peddled) all over town.
by Golem April 16, 2006
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A girl who acts as a surrogate sex partner shared by an anonymous group such as a town or province.
A girl who fucks so many men that she approaches the annual statistics of a public service like water or garbage utilities.

The sexual equivalent of a public urinal
Guy 1: Shelly is a tandem town bike cause i heard she is letting people go 2 or 3 at a time now.

Guy 2: Sheesh!, That broad has seen more dick than a stadium urinal.
by el-dday January 13, 2007
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A girl that is like a bike that belongs to the town everybody gets a ride
That girl has slept with 20 men this week
by john lipuma June 28, 2005
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A woman who whores, around and sleeps with many men
"Ryan's mum is the town bike."
"Facts I was having sex with her last night!"
by Alovestory June 14, 2022
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