Otherwise known as a master of a McDojo, someone who purchases martial art belts from eBay at £3 and passes them off as genuine achievements for "attendees of classes" and charges them £35 a pop.

1. A self promoting narcissist with low personality traits
2. Someone who presents themself as something their not to manipulate people out of money
3. An unqualified person who is useless at blagging, pretty much a wank salesman
4. Talentless twunt
"I can't believe after 10 months i'm a black belt, didnt realise my instructor was a Tovey"
"Another Tovey McDojo being set up I see, white belt to black belt in just £1000!"
"How can I have earned a belt for showing up to class? You're such a Tovey!"
"Look at this Tovey, he'd make more signing on!"
by Duke of Chubb April 02, 2020
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Dogs Body with no life who is solely owned by CCS.
by Anonymous March 06, 2003
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A complete and utter computer nerd. Someone who without computers would curl up in a ball and die
Get a life you sad tovey
by LBM March 05, 2003
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A slut who plays with the feelings of guys within a group of friends is named Molly Lorene Tovey.
Hey man, that chick is really hot!
Don't even try bud, that's Molly Lorene Tovey.
by SEC-Squad November 06, 2017
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