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An Australian term and variation of the french word 'touche'. phonetically - ouch with a 'T' at the start and 'SH' instead of 'CH' at the end.

Toush has all the meaning of touche sans the Eurotrash 80's stigma of actually saying touche.

You can admit that an opponent has laid down a valid point or comeback within an argument without losing the respect of others and yourself.

Gay rhymes with touche for a raison (reason).
Male 1: I slept with your sister...

Male 2: Toush.

End scene.

Male 1: I slept with your mother...

Male 2: Toush

End scene

Male 1: I slept with your father

Male 2: Touche.

End scene.
by The Killa from Chinchilla October 13, 2010
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It is slang for touch, a form of an aggresive passion that requires immediate action due to an event/ occasion
Jasmine just came out the shower with the water dripping down her back so i had to toush it.
by tsunm May 31, 2016
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When people are talking with each other a lot. Hanging out, but a little more intimate.
Working on something.

A verb that can be used for pretty much any action.
Jess and Mel were toushing last night.
Claire is toushing chemistry right now.
by toushtoush April 22, 2009
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A word you use when 'douche' isn't strong enough. The word must be pronounced phonetically (rhymes with douche), since 'touche' is that faggy word that fencers use, and tush is your butt. And toushe just doesn't look right.
Girl: Well, I said I was going to go out with you tonight but now I think I'll just stay home but maybe tomorrow night or something we could . . .
Guy: Bitch, why ya gotta be such a toush?
by Willis P Styles September 13, 2007
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