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Origin: grade school

Definition: What you did to your girlfriend last night.
Kid 1: What did you have for breakfast yesterday?
Kid 2: Rubber balls & liquor
Kid 1: What did you have for lunch yesterday?
Kid 2: Rubber balls & liquor
Kid 1: What did you do to your girlfriend last night?
Kid 2: Rub 'er balls & lick 'er
by Willis P Styles September 14, 2007
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A casual expression or quip used only on the hottest of women, and stated only by a guy who obviously has no chance with said girl in a normal setting. The underlying meaning being that if some mediocre scrub actually scored with that hot of a chick, no one would believe it and therefore it wouldn't have happened even if it did
Goddamn, that bitch is so hot i'd fuck her twice to make sure the first time counted.
by Willis P Styles September 15, 2007
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A word you use when 'douche' isn't strong enough. The word must be pronounced phonetically (rhymes with douche), since 'touche' is that faggy word that fencers use, and tush is your butt. And toushe just doesn't look right.
Girl: Well, I said I was going to go out with you tonight but now I think I'll just stay home but maybe tomorrow night or something we could . . .
Guy: Bitch, why ya gotta be such a toush?
by Willis P Styles September 14, 2007
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A word used to describe an athlete who, while talented and/or puts up respectable statistics in their sport, still totally sucks ass. Whereas an athlete with an 'intangible' quality normally is though of as someone who brings something special to the game, an untangible performance\performer is one that's relatively solid statistically, yet did absolutely nothing to help the team achieve a win.
FAN 1: Goddamn it, the Vikings got Brad Johnson back
FAN 2: Yeah, but statistically he has more 60% completion games in the last decade than any other QB!
FAN 1: Yet he still blows ass. He only excels in those kind of untangible qualities that don't really help when the game's down to the wire. He's like that douche Drew Bledsoe that way.
by Willis P Styles September 14, 2007
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G G Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin - seriously! I can't make that kinda shit up!) is a legendary punk rocker who died before he got famous but lived after he got infamous. G G who played the most with the backing band the Scumfuc's, performed shows that made the original Sex Pistols look like a fucking Captain and Tenneil concert. His concerts can be considered the last true expression of rock & roll as a form of complete and total rebellion, because he left pretty much nothing out of his performances other than murder or suicide (which he promised on stage but never delivered due to dying a couple months before the proposed 'suicide show'.

His shows, which rarely lasted longer than a few songs, were punctuated by the absolute worst behavior possible. A short list of antics performed by Allin include taking laxatives before concerts, shitting on stage and throwing it into the crowd and/or himself, eating his own feces on stage, forcing himself to vomit, stripping completely naked bending over and shoving the microphone up his ass and then punching himself in the gut, and on one occasion clenching the mic, wrapping the mic cord around his fist and bashing his own front teeth out with the microphone (he could only really do that stunt once, after all)

Seriously, I can't make this kinda stuff up.

Amazingly, women still found him attractive and he constantly got laid. He has a song about how bad his dick hurt after fucking a woman he knew had VD because he "just fuckin' had ta get a fuck". His longest jail sentence came from abuse charges brought by a fat chick who told him she wanted to go home with him and have him dominate her. The specifics of the case centered around G G fucking the chick until she passed out and then waking her up by fucking her in her ass and then burning her in the arm with a cigarette. His only comment at the trial was "I guess she wasn't as into it as i was."

He died in 1993. He overdosed, if ya can believe it. He was what's great with America. This is my essay.
Dude 1: Goddamn it, i'm gonna fuck this town up like i was G G Allin tonight.

Dude 2 - I'll get the lube and some bail money
by Willis P Styles September 15, 2007
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