A fictional non-human/anthro animal. Often in cartoons, furry art, rule34, or hentai.
Deshawnes: “Isn’t furry porn of cartoon animals?”

Dequarius: “No, that’s called feral porn.”
by susssybaka March 09, 2021
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A word that basically means you went insane and acted like a feral animal might.
by Dreamcatcher394 April 17, 2019
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A wild animal (with corresponding behavior) that used to be domesticated and tamed. To "de-domesticate".
I discovered a feral cow that had escaped from its farm years ago.
by The Agnostic Hippo January 08, 2012
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A game for 13+ people that was created by the same people who made animal jam (wildworks), that you can pretty much do anything on (within reason)
Person: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: Oh me? Just playing some feral and decking out my werewolf.

Person: cool! can i join?

Me: Sorry kid, it's 13+.

Person: aw man!

Me: listen kid, I don't make the rules, plus it's due to *looks over at YT slowly* COPPA.
by SummerDaisyy September 11, 2020
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Poorly dressed, spoken and educated people at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. (See also Chav,Bogun,Trailer Trash)
Known for their prowess at stealing cars and their utter disregard of birth control options. In addition to an extremely high swear-word vocabulary, their children have constantly running noses, dirty faces and unkempt hair.
Those kids are such ferals - I just heard the 5 year old say "F#$k you, man!"
by GM July 10, 2006
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Furry artwork that is not anthro. Feral furry art is furry art drawn to look more like the actual animal. Versus anthro which is an animal with human characteristics
"Have you seen that Feral fox porn on FurAffinity?"

"No, I try to only look at only Anthro porn on FurAffinity"
by BeautifulDragoness February 02, 2013
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