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An industry word for a type of bottle (often used for ketchup, shampoo, etc) that can sit on the cap end. While a "bottle" sits on its "bottom" and has a cap at the top, a "tottle" sits on its "top," which is also the cap.

Q- So if a Tottle sits on its top, why don't they call it a "topple"?

A- Then people might think it would fall over... but it won't!

Example2: I never have to shake up my ketchup now that I bought it in a tottle!
by wired1000 February 12, 2010
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To have intercourse with inanimate objects pertaining to the category of video games. Mainly Nintendo game cartridges and inside the game input slot on the console.
(opens door to friends bedroom without knocking)

"OH...... oh god.... OH FUCK MAN! are you tottleing that Double Dragon cartridge?!"

"no dude.... it's Zelda, chill...."
by Tim (ya its me adam ) Murphy February 03, 2010
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