1. Snack food brand most commonly used by pedophiles to lure neighborhood children.
1. Hey kids, "I've got Totinos pizza rolls and a swimming pool."
by tcJohnnyBoner September 16, 2010
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The act of getting gang raped by low class Italian guys.
2. I got mugged and Totinoed in the park walking back from my date in little Italy last night.
by tcJohnnyBoner September 16, 2010
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a very handsom person who is very hot and is a good friedn to everyon
hey bro your a totino today!!”
by ieusuehd September 5, 2021
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you say totino when you tell someone there cool
by ieusuehd June 29, 2021
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Along with jack in the box and hot pockets, one of the top three foods of a Techie. Cheap, somewhat good tasting, and sold by the shit-ton
Techie 1: Hey man its gettin late. We gonna pull an all nighter on this?
Techie 2: Guess so man. Go to the store and get some Nos, ill start the Totino's pizzas and we'll get this shit done
by take a chance babe August 8, 2010
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What you get when you eat an entire Totino's Party Pizza.
I can't believe I ate the whole thing. I can slowly feel Totino's Poisoning setting in by the hardening of my stomach and the gradual calcification of my large intestine.
by cheesewheezy August 28, 2009
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Official gay snack thanks to S42 E13 of SNL hosted by Kristen Stewart in which Kristen and Vanessa made out over Totino's Pizza Rolls.
girl: hey girlfriend would you like some Totino's Pizza Rolls?
girlfriend: yes, girlfriend. J'aime les rolls de pizza.
by mcclinton February 5, 2017
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