An abbreviation for the word totally, when the speaker is too intoxicated and/or lazy add the last two syllables onto the word. Therefore, one gets 'totes.'
Also totes.
by FaceKate February 20, 2011
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(abreviation) of totally
For real, we thought Denise was drinking Vodka, but it was totes paint thinner. During the funeral, I just about lolled!
by Scheissemann May 18, 2009
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Totes   toht-z
1. wholly; entirely; completely.
2. Slang for totally

Originates out of Reed college in Portland, Oregon
I was totes tripping balls last night.
I totes banged your mom.
by Avoid_the_Noid September 16, 2010
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short for totally, note that not all people can say this word, only the coolest people
Want to go to the mall later?
by MoistTowelette11 March 25, 2006
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"Hey did you hear about the concert next weekend? I totes wanna go to that!"
by mimict68 May 14, 2012
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Short for totally. Seems to orginate from Fort Collins, Colorado.
Friend A: (enthusiastically) This band is totally bane!

Friend B: (enthusiastically) Totes to the motes, bro, totes to the motes!
by the_old_days January 10, 2010
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short for "Totally"

Fun Fact: it is known as the stoner-est word in existence.
Steve-O: Man, u wana hit sum tree?

Leonard: Totes, bro! il get the bong
by jojo9d March 22, 2009
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