An abbreviated form of 'totally'. Used in conversation because one syllable is better than three.
Barry: 'I am totes going to the party! It's going to be immense!'
Barney: 'Hells yeah!'
by LoveBastard March 10, 2008
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tote is a slang word which refers to the harboring of feelings for someone or something. It can be used interchangeably with depressed
brad: dude are you okay?
jake: no man i failed my chem test so i'm in a tote mood
by yevane November 7, 2011
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Trinidadian slang meaning to hold a grudge for petty reasons, unusually unknown to the person it is directed at.
Girl: "OMG, they went to the mall and didn't invite me! I'm going to tote for life!"
by Zukoo September 28, 2013
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To have a puff of someone's cigarette
Barbara farted on Steve, so Steve would move away and Barbara could have a tote
by furrybacon August 10, 2015
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tote is describing a small container of alcohol like a pint or a half a pint bartons vodka half pint ( $2.00) Pint($4.00)
Steven: hey nigga let me get a tote
dude: whats a tote
Steven: a pint of bartons vodka
by rMC realest south Omaha,NE February 7, 2011
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-Do you agree with me?
by stella February 5, 2005
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